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Meir Ezra, Your Biggest Source of Trouble and Anxiety (Part Two)


Meir Ezra - In a study conducted by members of the Los Angeles Police Department, they determined 2% of the population was actually dangerous and harmful to society; that this minority was behind most crime.

L. Ron Hubbard puts the percentage of antisocials at 2.5% with another 17.5% of the population influenced so heavily by the antisocial that they begin to act like antisocial personalities. On a world-wide scale, some antisocials are like Stalin or Hitler, the mafia or terrorists.

In your life, antisocials can be your boss, your wife, your customers, your coworkers, your lawyer, accountant, auto mechanic, employee, mother-in-law . . . anyone.

Recognizing the 20% who cause 80% of our troubles is the first step to handling them.

Part One covered the first characteristic of the antisocial personality: they speak in generalities. For example, "Everyone thinks you are too inexperienced," "No one likes what you said" or "America is terrified."

The second and third characteristics of an antisocial person is based on the nature of their conversations.

Bad News

"2. Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks . . ."

"It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person." — L. Ron Hubbard

Someone has some good news and some bad news. A rational or social personality tells you both pieces of news. The antisocial personality passes only the bad news. Examples:

Social: "Mrs. Jones, we received the results of your tests. Two are negative, which is good news. The sample for the third test was lost at the lab. We’re very sorry. The doctor would like to do it again if you could come in today or tomorrow."

Antisocial: "Mrs. Jones, we received the results of your tests and there’s a problem. The doctor wants you to repeat one of the tests as soon as possible. I have an opening next month."

Social: "While she didn’t complete the project by noon like we wanted, she stayed up all night and fixed some problems we didn’t know about. She’ll be done by five tonight."

Antisocial: "We knew she couldn’t complete the project like we wanted."

Social: "Boy, I loved that chicken dish. The time you spent to prepare it was well worth it!"

Antisocial: "So this was your fancy chicken dish? You should try my mother’s. Now that’s good chicken!"

Social Personality

You can use the opposite characteristic to improve your personality.

"2. The social personality is eager to relay good news and reluctant to relay bad.

"He may not even bother to pass along criticism when it doesn’t matter."

"He is more interested in making another feel liked or wanted than disliked by others and tends to err toward reassurance rather than toward criticism." — L. Ron Hubbard

Worsened or Invented Bad News

"3. The antisocial personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news. Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along.

"Such a person also pretends to pass on ‘bad news’ which is in actual fact invented." — L. Ron Hubbard

Just passing on bad news is not enough for antisocials. They prefer to make it sound worse. They will even make up some bad news if the truth is not bad enough.

Neighborhood gossipers, politicians and most news reporters are good examples.

"She seems to have a different man’s car in front of her house every night."

"Unlike my political opponent, I will not tolerate child pornography!"

"Many questions exist about his sudden wealth."

Have you ever watched the nightly news and felt nothing good was happening in the world? Do you ever feel optimistic after reading the front page of a newspaper?

A few years ago, CBS reported, "HUNDREDS FEARED DEAD IN FLOOD" when referring to a storm that flooded parts of Northern California—two people died. CNN reported, "THE TALIBAN SENDS 300,000 TROOPS TO BORDERS," when in turned out to be fewer than 10,000.

In fact, you reduce your stress and feel happier if you stop reading newspapers, stop watching the news and ignore people who pass on bad news. Try it!

Antisocial personalities are horrible relay points. They ruin reputations, create chaos and start fights.

For example, the boss tells an employee, "Doug, please tell Pam she’s doing a great job and can leave early today, if she’d like."

If Doug is an antisocial or acting like an antisocial, he says, "Pam, the boss wants you to clock out and go home right now. He seemed pretty unhappy."

So Pam says, "I don’t understand . . . I guess I’d better leave."

Doug then comes and tells you, "Pam is confused. She didn’t finish her work and just walked out when I told her what you said. I think she’s on her period."

Unless you and Pam discover the truth about Doug, your working relationship will suffer. The strain will cause internal stress, a fight or worse.

On a broader scale, outsiders might pass exaggerations and lies between two nations and thus start a war.

"The Southerners hate you. They say you are evil. They plan to poison your water supply."

"The Northerners hate you. They say you are evil. They plan to poison your water supply."

After several months of this, the South and North start a war.

Marriages are also ruined by antisocial lies and alterations.

Chris lies to the husband and says, "Don’t tell your wife I said this, but she and Pete have been getting awfully friendly."

Chris then lies to the wife, "Don’t tell your husband I said this, but his daily hugs with Sharon are getting pretty intimate."

Even though there is nothing going on, the husband and wife suddenly suspect a problem and start fighting.

The Opposite Characteristic

"3. A social personality passes communication without much alteration and if deleting anything tends to delete injurious matters.

"He does not like to hurt people’s feelings." — L. Ron Hubbard


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